About Us

Our business is to work for your success! We acquired know-how over the last 15 years to make your business work and strive. Our experts have the necessary education, are very practically thinking and with years of marketing and consulting experience between them. Our teams work as expert groups for your individual projects.

Dr. jur. Peter Stegelmann


Dr. Stegelmann holds a doctorate of law and has worked in the past as a lecturer, treasurer, economic affairs officer and managing director of an education society. His increasing interest in educational themes and topics led him to concentrate more and more on tertiary education. Since 2001, he has been using this broad experience in strategic management and future-oriented reorganization for EDU-CON. For many years he has been consulting numerous universities and accompanies them in their international recruitment.

Dr. phil. Gertrud Hovestadt

Authorized signatory and scientific director


She leads the EDU-Research division, if important scientific questions within the consultation process arise, she supplements EDU-Consulting with her team. She was involved in a project of qualitative education research at the University of Münster, lead the scientific research secretariat of the “Sachverständigenrat Bildung” at the Hans Böckler Stiftung and was a member of the workgroup “Bildungsforschung und Bildungsplanung” at the University of Essen. In 2001 she was co-founder of EDU-CON Strategic Education Consulting GmbH.


She has a PhD in sociology and is a certified educationalist.

Robert Albert Marzell

Research Associate


Robert Marzell holds a degree in economics, retired professional job counsellor for the Federal Employment Agency, is the organizer of a lot of higher education days and the author of numerous publications on Dutch higher education.


Dietmar Schmale

Seminar coach for medicine, psychology, studying in Holland and art/design.


For several years Dietmar Schmale has been a trainer for EDU-training. He brings his experience from his medical studies at the Westfälische Wilhelms-University Münster, as well as his studies at the Academy voor beeldende kunsten in Enschede. In Enschede he absolved a bachelor of arts.


Jens Wösten

Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology


He is the man for all technical and administrative issues. A computer scientist, who is always equipped with the latest know-how and can also explain complex issues so that they can be understood, in one sentence - the perfect interface between man and computer.


Michael Schulte

Media Designer and Bachelor of Design


Michael Schulte is the artistic and creative head at EDU-CON who leads the EDU-Design team, and gives and realizes productive impulses. He developed his profound knowledge and creative style through a study at the ArtEZ Enschede and an additional vocational training in media design. This way, ideas are put into practice safely.

Marina Becker

Office employee


With her attention for details and her meticulous reliability, Marina Becker is responsible for the integrated control of the team. She prepares tasks and provides a detailed follow-abiding safe.#