Our EDU-Portals which are a portfolio of all our EDU-Websites and corresponding social media network make you visible on all relevant channels! This is why we have been following the strategy of a qualitative content  marketing for more than ten years.


Content Marketing is a type of online marketing which aims to produce and distribute content relevant to marketing. The overall goal is to generate especially valuable topics that speak to the target group and possibly even lead to an action through positive image transfer or customer retention. Marketing here is not bold but subtle. Therefore it is not the advertising message that takes center stage but instead the provision of informative content, knowledge building or entertainment of the target group – so the creation of added value for the recipient.


For the education sector and in our case this means: The provision of qualified information for the choice of a career path, as this is one of the most important decisions in the life of a young person. Thanks to our several EDU-Websites and social media it is possible to spread your content specifically and to bring it closer to the target group!