EDU-Institute for Study Counseling is the study counseling under the umbrella of EDU-CON.


How do I make my dream to study a reality? University of applied sciences, university, dual study? How do I successfully apply for “my” NC (restricted) programme? How do I get a place to study abroad? What deadlines do I have to keep in mind?


Individual counseling is especially important to us. The basis of the counseling session are always the requirements of the youth or their personal questions. These counseling sessions are done either through personal meeting or via Skype. We bring order and strategy into the swarm of requirements, options and deadlines. The young adults receive an extensive individual consulting report with recommendations on how to proceed.


For especially difficult questions we conduct research on behalf of those seeking advice.


Furthermore we answer questions via email, contact form and WhatsApp free of charge on a daily basis.


We developed our own concepts for seminars and counseling. Our counselors are trained and have extensive experience in study counseling.


Our annual survey on study information and counseling for youths is an important basis of our know-how and our constant development.


We have been conducting seminars on specific topics for more than ten years: Studying medicine, psychology and design, studying in Holland.