It’s not what you say, but how you say it! Especially when marketing background knowledge it is hard to strike the right chord. You have to approach following student generations with much tact. Always have your finger on the pulse of time, but without falling for current platitudes.


Good design should never lose sight of one important thing: The understandable transfer of important information, even for complex coherences.


What exactly do we advertise, what is the goal and what is the best path? Important questions – after all the decision for school, studies or occupation oftentimes sets the direction of a person’s life. Profound and serious communication is in demand here. EDU-Design offers the answer.


In doing so our design team has specialized itself in film production. This includes experience reports, animated and image films as well as tutorials (i.e. concept, editing, post production and distribution or spreading on all our channels). You can find more information on