April 2023

In Newsleter 23-02 we focus on one answer – Backlink-Mangement. This is an understimated Social-Media-Tool which more effective. Firstly we explain the value of Backlinks and secondly how we work with it.


At least we inform you about. „33th Niederländischer Hochschultag“ at 14th November 2023. A backup-solution of our company transformed from an presence-action located near the dutch boarder to an strong German Online event.

Februar 2023


Hello and welcome to our second newsleter!


First we have an article about data analyst. Who can beter analyse: a data analyst or an fortune teller  or clairvoyant? The answer is simple.
Second is an article about user behavior – a new study. 
Evoltution of websites is next.
Finally news about us.


November 2022

We transformed this 32 year old fair with Online activities to an only Online-event with one year duration till next Online event will start.

Every day we will have basic Information about studying in Holland. Here is an overview about our spreeches :

Your university, studyperogrammes and so on are added.


We developed this second big campaign for safety reasons. Our marketing activities are on two large colums now.


See below our Social Media Report – 2022 - 4 Quartal. We do it now every three months.


It could be wise to invest rest budget from 2022 in 2023. Times are scary. 

I made a proposal to place Youtube-films.