Research: University Marketing

Because of the constant change in the world of education, educational institutions directly compete with each other on a national, European and even worldwide market. The working world requires flexibility and comprehensive education from people.


The call for innovative and qualitatively valuable vocational and university education is getting louder.


EDU-Consulting is a competent counselor in the development of future-oriented concepts. We analyze your educational institution, set benchmarks and help you with strategic planning to implementation of the concepts.


Knowledge-based University Marketing

Through research we develop the know-how for EDU-CON’s consultancy service.

Great emphasis is placed on our annual survey of more than 1,000 young adults. How do prospective students use the internet to inform themselves about study opportunities? How do they rate different media and their content? How do the needs of various target groups differ? Comparisons with earlier surveys show the trends.


We have been analyzing the international mobility of universities and students for more than 10 years. We follow international research and academic literature.


Market Research for Universities

We conduct market research for universities when they would like to win international students.


We conduct SWOT analyses. How do programmes have to be arranged to be attractive internationally? What requirements do programmes have to fulfil so they will be accredited legally and on labour markets? Do alumni meet a good labour market demand?


With research and development of Europe-oriented teacher education programmes we conduct European pioneering with several universities.


We issue legal opinions and can offer legal representation to universities and their alumni. This regards i.e. the accreditation of academic performance, degrees and occupational qualifications in Europe.


Research for Educational Institutions

We conduct research for educational institutions. We analyze your marketing campaigns, questions your participants, analyze market conditions and your competitors and evaluate your educational offers.