www.study-in-holland.com is going international

In the past we mainly brought German students to the Netherlands. For this we built www.studieren-in-holland.de and a large network of websites for different fields of study as well as general topics on studying. Besides that, we mirror this network on Facebook and several YouTube channels. One of these is the strongest course guidance channel in Germany.


The results are more than 25,000 motivated, excellent and qualified German students in the Netherlands.


This network is going international. www.study-in-holland.com will be visible in the world. Our social media factory will build one tool after another. We are able to bring students from i. e. the UK, Austria or Australia to the Netherlands.


We focus on study quality in the Netherlands. Your quality of studying is the exceptional, world-class level of the future. It offers inspiring learning environments and a welcoming culture.


We can give you more information.  Of course you can also visit us for a personal meeting - or we will visit you. For this please contact Marina Becker becker@edu-con.de.