EDU-CON Strategic Education Consulting GmbH regularly supports charity projects. Here an overview:


Clinic in Ghana

This is our most recent project. At our last Christmas party every employee showed an artistic performance which was appreciated by a small donation from the spectators. These donations flowed into expansion of a well for a Ghanaian clinic. Furthermore we donated for i.e. a solar system. More information about this project on:



For a few years now EDU-CON Strategic Education Consulting GmbH has been supporting godchildren in India and Brazil via Kindernothilfe (German charity organization).


Sadaf Kindergarten in Afghanistan (SADAF e.V.)

The name Sadaf means seashell. To discover the pearl within the shell it has to be opened. Finding the pearls in every child that are buried through turmoil of war and encouraging the children and parents for a better future – this is why we support the kindergarten project.


Orphanage in Tanzania

An employee went to Tanzania for a few months to contribute to a social project. Our financial donation was brought straight to a local orphanage.


Orphanage in Mexico

Another of our employees ended up in Latin America to become involved in a social project.  Our financial donation was brought directly to a Mexican orphanage.


Earthquake Victims in Japan

At an employee event we collected donations to support the victims of the 2011 Touhoku earthquake.



The parachuting club in Rheine regularly hosts a summer event with free tandem jumps für young and old patients of the oncological aftercare programme of the University Hospital Münster. EDU-CON is a sponsor of this project.