Social Media Conference 2012

Program 2012

3rd Annual Social Media Seminar

"A space flight through Social Media Galaxy"

1. Academic selection and information behavior

Dr. Gertrud Hovestadt (Director EDU-Research)

Otto Pompe (Sociologist M. A.)

Kristina Jäger (Bachelor of Arts, Edu-Research)


Results of the EDU-CON-survey 2012

Focus: Facebook and professional career advising


2.University Facebook pages from students’ viewpoint

Students, who tested the systems, and Dr. Peter Stegelmann (Managing Director EDU-CON)

How do universities act in Great Britain, Germany and the Netherlands? Overview and comparison

3. Best Practice Social Media Marketing

Jessica Winters (Int. Marketing & Communication at the University of Groningen)

Philip Dunkhase (University Marketing at Leuphana University, Lüneburg)


4. Challenges and solutions in 2012

Social Media Analytics (Jens Wösten, Computer Engineer, EDU-CON)


QR-Codes and mobile devices (Michael Schulte, Bachelor of Design, EDU-CON)


5. Final part

Dr. Peter Stegelmann (Managing director EDU-CON)