Social Media Conference 2013

Program 2013

07.11.2013 - 4th Annual Social Media Seminar

"University Marketing Goes Pocket-Size"

How do smart phones change prospective students' communication behavior?


1. Third Follow-Up-Study: Academic Selection and Information Behavior on the Web

Focus: Young people and Smart Phones

Dr. Gertrud Hovestadt (Director Edu-Research & Edu-Institute)

Otto Pompe (Sociology M.A.)



2. Smart Phones: Strategic Challenges of Student Recruitment

Dr. Peter Stegelmann (Managing Director EDU-CON)

Verena Grothues (Bachelor of Communication Science)



3. Smart Phone Applications from the Perspective of Prospective Students: An International Comparison of University Apps

Verena Grothues (Bachelor of Communication Science)

Gina Kunk (Media designer)

Samantha da Silva (Apprentice Media designer)



4. The University of Groningen as an Example for Best Practice

Jessica Winters (International Marketing &

Communication at the University of Groningen)



5. Integrating social media with „location based features“ creating an – for now – ultimate pocket size Smartphone recruitment platform

App 2.0. Best Practice from the University of Southern Denmark

Bo Kristiansen (Social Media and International Marketing and

Recruitment at the University of Southern Denmark)

6. The Mobile Format “10 by 6”: Guidelines for App-Development


Know-How: Communication

Dominique da Silva (Master of Communications and Management)


Know-How: Techniques

Jens Wösten (Bachelor Information and Communication Technology)



Know-How: Design

Michael Schulte (Bachelor of Arts Design)


7. Final Part

Summary, Interactive Discussion and Outlook

Dr. Peter Stegelmann (Managing Director EDU-CON)